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I am rendered speechless when trying to summary Eric’s immense talents in a pithy way.  We just completed a massively comprehensive study of four families intertwined by my grandparents marriage.  We have long known by our unusual name, that we are somehow connected and as the last generation is aging, we endeavored to take all the scraps of notes, antiquated unidentified photos in the family box of pictures and lost connections and somehow knit it together into a cogent narrative. What Eric was able to do exceeded and defied our expectations.  Through his meticulous and relentless research, resourcefulness and persistence, Eric essentially connected all the pieces we had (which was only the tip of the iceberg) plus uncovered so much more to help us know the history, struggles and triumphs of more than five generations. He nurtured and fostered every new connection into a group of engaged family members eager to contribute what they had with the confidence that it would it contribute to something greater and more powerful. And indeed it did. Through his stunning command of so many languages, history and cultures, Eric knitted together a whole new family and together we documented and preserved our rich history, recollections, photos and family records, combined with literally dozens of hand-created family trees into an exquisite 200 page, coffee table quality hardbound book that will help our children understand the rich legacy of their family roots. However, the most powerful and impressive aspect was Eric’s role as curator and nurturer of each relationship literally building a database of each living person he encountered. This massive 2 ½ year effort culminated into a family “Book Launch” party where 100 individuals, many of whom never knew of each other’s existence came together to meet each other and hear about Eric’s journey into our family history. I cannot adequately convey my enormous gratitude and passion for recommending Eric Feinstein.  He has a rare and unique gift. His heart and passion for what he does is only exceeded by his tremendous talent and relentless pursuit of the past in the context of a more connected future!”

Robin Berkelhammer Kranich

New York, NY

My family hired Eric Feinstein to conduct two, large genealogical projects. We were completely blown away by his diligence and professionalism. Anyone who examined our finished books, without exception, was equally impressed with the quality of his work. Furthermore, as a result of the projects, we were united with relatives that we never knew and it helped some of my family members to heal some difficult emotional wounds inflicted by the Holocaust.  Eric Feinstein is one of the most talented, intelligent, and resourceful people I have ever met. He is also very passionate about what he does. The extent of his networking connections worldwide are nothing short of mind-boggeling. He has a complete mastery of many languages as well as strong knowledge of European Jewish history, readily at his disposal. His mind is always in motion and he is incessantly making associations between names, towns, records and family testimonials. Yet, with all of that said, what really makes him so great at what he does and what truly makes him so special…. is that his heart is even bigger than his head.

Jeffery Stadtmauer

New York, NY

This project was an amazing journey back in time.  It allowed all of us to put together the pieces of our family heritage puzzle and to learn about the many connections of our family branches. We thought that we knew exactly how we were all connected, but this research project helped to prove beyond a doubt that we were not always accurate in our assumptions.  The result is a priceless volume, which will be cherished by our future generations.  Eric Feinstein is meticulous and enthusiastic in his research.  He is an amazing resource with skill beyond measure.  We are thrilled with the result of his thorough exploration of our family lineage

Andrea Kay

Los Angeles, CA

Eric Feinstein has brought back to life, family members who had perished in the Holocaust and now I know some of them through records of their travels and even through photographs.  They are no longer just numbers.  They have become vibrant uncles, aunts and cousins I never knew till now.  They have become part of our living family

Marvin Siglar

Toronto, Canada

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